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'[EE]: Chargeing batteries'
2000\06\26@161357 by Jilles Oldenbeuving

> Jilles,

Hi Jim,

One time would have been enough... <g>

> Look on Microchips website and search for PICREF2.   This is a
> document showing the design for an Intelligent Battery Charger.
> Included in this design is a PCB layout, Source Code, and Schematic.
> Just download it and go.   Of course, if this is for a commercial
> product, be sure to get permission to use it in your design first.
> Hope this helps you out.

Ah... that's right.. i will look into that App note. But it is not entirely
my need...
I'm just more interested in the charging of those battery's than makeing a
battery charger. You see, my product is a remote control, and not a battery
None the less, there should be some info that is handy... The remote control
does have
a PIC processor (to be more specific a PIC16F873). And i still have some
pins free...
so the processor could help out on the rechargeing...

I'm more searching for a how-to on battery rechargeing....

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