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'[EE]: Can PAL16V8 be programed as Tri-state gate??'
2000\12\08@043347 by William

Hi, PicListers!

I am using PAL16V8. I tried program PAL16V8 as normal gates, like AND,
OR and etc, they work fine.

Now, I plan to program a tri-state gate in PAL16V8.

;------- Pin declarations --------
PIN 1          INPUT1               COMBINATORIAL             ; INPUT
PIN 2          TRI                  COMBINATORIAL             ; INPUT
PIN 12         OUTPUT1              COMBINATORIAL             ; OUTPUT

;------- Boolean equations -------
       OUTPUT1 = INPUT1
           OUTPUT1 = 1

The setting of TRI pin is totally not function at all.

is anyone can pointed out my mistake??? Thansk


William Tan

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2000\12\08@074329 by mike

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000 17:33:40 +0800, you wrote:

{Quote hidden}

For standatd 16V8's, there are two ways in which the output tristate
is controlled. For combinatorial outputs, the output enable comes from
one product term per pin, and for registered mode it's controlled
globally by pin 11. Other architectures have more flexible control.
I don't know what language you are using but the above example looks
like an OR function, not tristate!

I only know CUPL, in which the output is controlled by a suffix to the
pin name, e.g. for as simple tri-state gate :
pin 2 = in1;
pin 3 = enable;
pin 12 = out1;

out1 = in1;
out1.oe = enable;

Check the documentation for whatever compiler you are using for the
syntax for OE control. (A version of the CUPL compiler was being given away by Atmel a while
ago - don't know if this is still the case - it was limited to ATMEL
parts but this includes the 16V8)

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