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'[EE]: Bush team eyes star power for energy needs'
2002\11\25@215124 by Russell McMahon

Bush team eyes star power for energy needsWhat they don''t say is that 30
years ago everyone involved thought we would "be there by now" long before
now, that the path has been much harder and more expensive than the most
pessimisitic expectations. I do however look forward to it working!


Scientists asked to chart path for commercial fusion by 2037




Last September, the Energy Department asked the 14 members of its Fusion
Energy Sciences Advisory Committee to weigh in.
In a first response ahead of Monday s meeting in Washington, the committee
chair said the assumption of a 35-year target was completely sound.

Accomplishments of the program during the past few decades have been truly
remarkable,  wrote Richard Hazeltine, director of the Institute for Fusion
Studies at the University of Texas at Austin.  They have brought us to a
point that makes the forward look described in your charge, including its
explicit time scale, entirely appropriate.

   Those advances include scientists  ability to better handle fusion.
Thirty years ago, researchers reached a milestone by producing one-tenth of
one watt of fusion power for one-hundredth of a second. Today they re able
to produce 10 million watts for about a second.

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