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'[EE]: Broken Scope Help'
2003\03\02@235708 by Herbert Graf

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Pulled out my trusty HP1710A scope to do some work and found it is no longer
functioning. It appears as if there is no horizontal sweep active, the beam
is stuck in the middle of the screen.

If I tap it the correct way it starts working normally however after an
amount of time it stops sweeping again.

Is anybody familiar with this type of scope and what might be the problem? I
did notice the problem appeared when I was rotating the main sweep knob so
perhaps it's a contact problem? I'd appreciate any pointers any of you might
have. It is a great scope and I would love to get it working reliably again.
Thanks for any info. TTYL

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2003\03\03@003731 by Robert Rolf

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Yep, it's some contact problem if 'tapping' it fixes it.

Spin the knob back and forth a few dozen times to see if the contact
motion breaks down the oxide. On old TV's I used to fix noisy
contact problem by removing the knob and spinning it with a varispeed
drill. 2 minutes of spin fixed even the toughest problem.


Herbert Graf wrote:
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