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'[EE]: Bitscope (Was : Getting signal safely from f'
2002\11\04@132917 by Jan-Erik Soderholm

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Now, talking about Bitscope...
Actualy I thought of buildng one myself.
I would like to get some input from you who have
aleady done this.

Did you bought the complete kit ?
Or maybe just the PCB ?
Or even a pre-built, in-a-box Bitscope ?

And what about the ADC and other "special" IC's used, are
the available "down-town", or should I get them from the
Bitscope site ? (No, I havn't checked with e.g. Farnell...)

I'v checked the Bitscope site, and saw that it used the now
rather old F84 (or F84A it seems). Is the cuircit still up-to-date ?

Jan-Erik Svderholm
S:t Anna Data

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