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'[EE]: BYV26-200 information sought. '''
2000\11\02@101648 by Russell McMahon

picon face
Anyone know anything about a BYV26-200 diode.?

The BYV26-x series (x = A ... G) is an ultra fast 1 amp rectifer in voltages
ranging from 200 to 1000v
Pkg is SOD57 (glass ball) with 0.8mm leads

I have some more ancient BYV26-200 diodes for which I can find no data (not
even on Philips website along with the BYV26-x )
The BYV26-200 is in a SOD-64 pkg (slightly larger glass ball with 1.35mm
leads - very fat and nasty to bend etc).

Findchips knows them not an a general web search gives no strikes.

I would not be overly bothered by old tech diodes EXCEPT that they seem to
be rather more robust in a particular application than their modern kin and
I was wondering why. I would not have expect them to have a higher current
rating but the brutally rugged SOD-64 pkg suggests they may have.


           Russell McMahon

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2000\11\02@104225 by Chris Eddy

Comrade Russell;

I am looking at the General Semiconductor databook, which kind of agrees with
your numbers.  They have BYV26D and E, with 800 and 1000V resp.  They come in a
DO-204AP package (thru hole).


Russell McMahon wrote:

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2000\11\02@113416 by Alan B. Pearce

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It is probably an avalanche protected diode. I remember there was a lot of hype
when these were introduced, and I remember them as being packaged like that. The
avalanche protection operates at about the turn off point as it goes into
reverse conduction, and causes the diode to turn off sooner, and with a more
rounded waveshape if I recall correctly.

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2000\11\02@115918 by Michael Rigby-Jones


Hope that helps


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2000\11\02@120325 by staff

Russell McMahon wrote:
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Russell, they are a TV diode, reas common,
-200 on philips diodes generally refers to voltage (piv)

BYV26 = Silicon diode, general rectifier,
controlled avalanche <50nS 1A
BYV27 = same but 2A
BYV28 = same but 3.5A


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2000\11\02@120730 by Michael Rigby-Jones

sorry for the two posts...just found this as well:


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