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'[EE]: Anyone knows of a really god windows (progra'
2001\01\26@081724 by D Lloyd

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I use base calc for this sort of thing ....It does most of what you want,
up to 128 bits.
It doesnt perform the float conversions, however


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Subject:  [EE]: Anyone knows of a really god windows (programmers) calculat
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I'm searching for a really good windows programmers calculator.
With the following whishlist:

Basic base conversion ( ofcource, dec, bin, hex )
Extended base conversion ( decimal fractions -> float binary
various formats )
Beeing able to handle various byte widths and signs.
Upto 48 bits ( or 64 )
Multiplication, addition,rotation, logic operations etc..
Ofcource beeing able to add bytes/data of various formats
and choose the output format.

Is there anything like this ? the basic windoz one
does only very basic math/conversions.

Or do I have to code one myself ?


Tony Kübek, Flintab AB

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2001\01\26@085129 by Octavio P Nogueira

Excalibur 32 for Windows, freeware at

Friendly Regards

Octavio Nogueira
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2001\01\26@133033 by Simon Redwood

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Try casio...

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-- Regards,

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2001\01\26@205452 by randychaas

A calculator modeled after the HP-16C Computer Scientist Calculator for
Windows is available. It comes with full source code, written in Borland C++

Randy Haas

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