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'[EE]: Anti Anti electronic warfare warfare'
2003\04\04@073807 by Russell McMahon

GPS jamming in active use, as predicted.
I'd be surprised if they only had 6.
Ideally these should be on the move. They can be very cheap and do not need
to be stable or stationary.
The fact that they are targetting them suggests that they were achieving the
desired affects.


Coalition forces bombed six GPS (Global Positioning System) jammers in Iraq
on March 24, used to jam satellite guidance systems, according to a
statement from the Combined Forces Air Component Command. The low-cost GPS
jammers were used to try "to disrupt the guidance system of satellite-guided
munitions," the statement said. When jammers are used, signals from space
are overpowered by signals coming from Earth, which is crucial for the
targeting of precision-guided weapons. The GPS jamming would impede the
launch of a JDAM (Joint Direct Attack Munitions) "smart bomb" because the
bomb would indicate that it is not picking up the right signal.

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