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'[EE]: 8051 Question???'
2001\01\18@153209 by rchock, Steve


Sorry to be off topic but I was wondering if anybody out
there knows of any device that is an 8051 with a 20-24 bit A/D
and a 12-16 bit D/A. I would really appreciate any/all help
with this!!

Best regards,

Steven Kosmerchock
Radio Frequency Systems
Phoenix,  Arizona  USA

"Great spirits have always encountered violent
oppposition from mediocre minds."--A.Einstein

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2001\01\22@110353 by Eisermann, Phil [Ridg/CO]

you might want to look into Analog Devices Microconverter line. Specifically
the ADuC824. They also sell a development board. I wrote a windows-based
programmer to replace their free DOS-based one if you are interested.
Details for the microconverter are at

{Original Message removed}

2001\01\22@111232 by rchock, Steve


I would be VERY interested in trying out your windows based
SW. I would appreciate it very much!!!

Please email it to:


{Original Message removed}

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