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'[EE]: 3 Phase Power distribution'
2001\07\30@100011 by Douglas Butler

I am wiring an industrial trailer to contain equipment, which contains
several PICs ;-)
The raw power for the trailer is 440VAC 3 phase from shipboard
generators.  I intend to use a 440V(delta) to 208V(wye) 3 phase
transformer for isolation, to supply a little needed 3 phase power and
120V(phase voltage) for lights, computers, coffee pot etc.  One of my
biggest loads will be baseboard heating (2.5kW).
How can I wire the baseboard heat so as to maintain a balanced 3 phase
load, or is 2.5kW so small no decent generator will care?

Douglas Butler (aka Sherpa Doug)
Senior Engineer
Imetrix Inc.
1235 Route 28A
P.O. Box 152
Cataumet, MA 02534-0152
tel. (508) 564-6460
Fax (508) 564-6860

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2001\07\30@101535 by Lawrence Lile


1.  2.5 KW heater is definitely so small no decent generator will care.
This is the same as two coffee pots. Unless your "Ship" is a dinghy, it is
liable to have a big enough generator this is not a problem.

2.  Put your heater on one phase, a coffee pot on another phase, and your
lights on the third phase if you want to balance them up a little.

3.  Or split up your heater into three little bitty heaters, and put them on
three breakers on three phases.

I used to design this stuff all the time in another life before PICs, email
me offlist if you need some more info.

P.S.  Why do they call you Sherpa?

-- Lawrence Lile

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2001\07\31@134159 by Peter L. Peres

picon face
2.5kW is too much inbalance for a 50kW generator (5%). Others may not

I'd suggest 3 x 1kW heaters each on its phase. 2.5 kW is not nearly enough
for people in a deck mounted container, unless it's specially insulated.

But I am not an expert.


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2001\07\31@142202 by Douglas Butler

I don't know how big the generator is but the "ship" in this case is
actually a FPSO, like an oil tanker perminately moored to a group of oil
wells for crude oil processing and storage.  So I think the generator
will be pretty big.

Our current trailer is set up for 220V single phase.  2.5kW + 4 people +
3 computers + 1 coffee pot kept it warm during a Maine winter.  I should
probably ask the FPSO people if a 2.5kW imbalance is a problem.  I was
hoping there was some mystical way to keep the load balanced.  3 phase
is new to me.

Sherpa Doug

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