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'[EE]: looking for cheapest 4M digital camera'
2006\02\16@111401 by Gus Salavatore Calabrese

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I want to build a photographic platform to replace a scanner.
A camera will be located above a surface where documents are placed.
There will be good lighting.  The camera snaps the picture and
transfers it to a computer.  USB protocol is fine.

-- Camera needs no multiple picture storage
-- Camera needs no rechargeable batteries
-- Camera needs no view finder ( okay if it has one )

I am aware of a camera protocol named PTP that I hope to use.


2006\02\16@114304 by Walter Banks

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There is a small investment in document processing software that will
significantly help. I have been using a package call White Board
photo (No I didn't write it or have had any contact with them
except to buy it) This package does wonders with documents or
pictures of white boards in processing the images to make them


Gus Salavatore Calabrese wrote:

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