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'[EE]: has anyone used INSTEON developer kits ? G'
2005\07\01@141446 by Gus Salavatore Calabrese

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Insteon - The INSTEON network protocol is a new cost-effective dual  
band (radio frequency - RF and powerline) home management network  
technology, ...

I am considering buying a dev kit for $99.
Does anyone have experience with it ?
Is the USB version emulating a serial port ?

Gus Salvatore Calabrese 720.222.1309  GSC   Denver, CO

2005\07\01@143608 by Charles Craft

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Didn't see any of the technical documentation available on the web site.

They want you to sign up without knowing the internals.
Support web site requires a credit card so they can bill you $30 per incident?
It's X10 only better?

Hmmmm - not sure I'd want to be on this bleeding edge.

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