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'[EE]: Boosting power of radio modules/Yagi beamwi'
2000\05\26@091349 by Jim P

Taking a quick look at the Decibel Products catalog
for a 6-element 10 dBd gain UHF band Yagi (-"Uda")
antenna such as the DB436 through DB438 Yagis:

Horz. Beamwidth:  60 deg. (3 dB points)
Vert.  Beamwidth:  44 deg. (3 dB points)

This assumes vertical orientation of the E-plane (elements
placed vertically).

To achieve a substantially tighter vertical pattern (you
mentioned 5 deg. vert. as a 'spec') Yagis can be stacked
vertically to tighten up this pattern while increasing gain
and not affecting the horrizontal pattern.

Two Yagis of the type above would 13 dBd gain, 4 stacked
Yagis would yield 16 dBd ...

Jim P

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