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'[EE]: [PIC]: PIC controlled power supply ?'
2002\07\29@235505 by Tal (Zapta)


I need to implement a DC power supply whose voltage is controlled
by a PIC (16F876). Ideally the power supply will provide 5 to 20 VDC
up to 4A but a more limited range of 12VDC to 20VDC may also work.

Also, a small power supply of about a size of a notebook 'brick' is
preferred but larger ones will also be considered.

This is for a limited series of commercial prototypes (about 5).

One way to achieve that is to have a D/A (e.g. PWM) controlled by the PIC
that generate the reference voltage to the power supply. Another approach
may use
a digitally controlled power supply.

Any idea how to implement it or where to get an off the shelf remote
controlled power supply will be greatly appreciated.



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2002\07\30@233722 by Satyadev Vyas

Hi Tal,

I am also interested in making similar Power Supply, but for 0 to 30 volt
Digital display of voltage and current with current limiting facility would
be nice to have, and is on my feature list.

This project has been in back if my mind but haven't started really working
on it, so no research done. Now that you mention, I would like to get it

I just want to make it for my workbench.

Satyadev Vyas

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2002\07\31@013101 by Mike Singer

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Hi, guys.
Is it a big secret what input voltage range for your PSUs have you in mind: 5,12,24,110,220.380,AC,DC?


Satyadev Vyas wrote:
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2002\07\31@014307 by M. Adam Davis

Since these are just prototypes, I'd do the following:

Get an off the shelf 22-30V 4A switching supply that meets your input
needs.  Use a lm317 voltage regulator with a pass transister (since the
lm317 can only handle 3A), and control the lm317 with a DAC or PWM.  The
317 will go from (iirc) 1.5v to 25v, and the pass transister will have
to handle the 4A of  current.  You could use the pwm or dac to interface
directly with teh transister, but then you increase the complexity of
the overall design (feedback loop and all).

The size will depend on the size of the switcher (should be relatively
small if designed well), the size of the heatsink on the transister, and
then another few cubic centimeters for the pic, dac, 317, and a few more
filtering caps.

Obviously not a very efficient supply, but it ought to work well as a
prototype/one-off, can be built in a few hours, and follows the maxim
"There's never time to do it right, but there is always time to do it
over," which businesses seem to like nowadays.  ;-)


Tal (Zapta) wrote:

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2002\07\31@020555 by Satyadev Vyas

Sorry, missed that one.
For me input would be 230vAC, 50Hz.
I would like it to work at least for 230V plus/minus 10%
Satyadev Vyas

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'[EE]: [PIC]: PIC controlled power supply ?'
2002\08\03@024618 by Mike Singer
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part 1 1422 bytes content-type:text/plain; (decoded 7bit)

Ac/dc supplies:
(Look at attached copy)


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part 3 136 bytes
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2002\08\03@062237 by Mike Singer

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May be used when experimenting with switching
PSUs, but price...

Programmable switcher supplies from 0.8 Vdc

The PIV Series 160-W programmable switch-mode
power supply delivers from 0.8 to 120 Vdc at up
to 20 A in a constant-voltage or constant-current
mode. Input voltage range is from 85 to 132 Vac
or 170 to 264 Vac.

Features include adjustable overvoltage
protection, input surge protection, remote
sensing, and fan cooling. ($744 ea/large
qty--stock to 10 weeks ARO.)

HiTek Power
Santee, CA
Sales 619-258-7700

Tal (Zapta) wrote:
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