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'[EE]:[PIC]: X10 protocoll and pic, schematics?'
2002\01\15@163656 by ael Pettersson

I am interested in the X10 protocol, a "standard" in home automation.
There are some interesting things about this and now I would know more about it.

Is there anyone here that have made anything with a PIC and this protocol?

Is there any schematic on how to hook up a communication module to the power cord?

I would like to program a pic listen to this protocol via the power cord and stear some output relays.

Any information is more than none information.


Michael Pettersson

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2002\01\16@234128 by Anand Dhuru

Mike, the best place to start is Ido Bartana's site

There, besides a LOT of other information on the subject, you will also find
URLs to sites that explain the X10 theory in great detail. There is also an
URL to a site that gives you all the details to make your own X10 receiver
based on a 16F84. If its just this last part you are interested in, you
could go directly to


Anand Dhuru

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