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'[EE]:: Squiggle Motors'
2012\10\22@062344 by RussellMc

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Piezo based "Hula Hoop" motion screw thread driving actuators -
capable of being very small

SQUIGGLE micro motor technology

Patented piezoelectric motor with smallest size, high force and speed

The heart of New Scale's M3 micro mechatronics module platform is the
SQUIGGLE motor, a revolutionary linear micro motor with incredibly
small size and big performance.

This patented ultrasonic motor creates high force and speed with only
a few parts - compare to complex electromagnetic gearhead motors with
hundreds of parts. SQUIGGLE micro motors allow product designers to
add motion features into products where they could not have been
imagined before.

This simple, robust piezo motor is scalable to much smaller sizes than
electromagnetic motors, without significant loss of power efficiency.
This makes it ideal for portable products such as micro cameras,
medical devices and biometric detection systems.

SQUIGGLE micro motor features

Precise: nanometer resolution
Fast: variable speed from 1 µm/second to 10 mm/second
Strong: models with up to 5 Newton force
Tiny: as small as 1.8 x 1.8 x 6 mm
Quiet and smooth
Non-magnetic, vacuum and cryogenic options available

2012\10\22@064151 by Mike Harrison

On Mon, 22 Oct 2012 23:23:04 +1300, you wrote:

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These have been around a few years - very expensive ISTR - hundreds of $ until you get to serious
quantities. Digikey have a few devkits

2012\10\22@082019 by IVP

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> Digikey have a few devkits

Looks like things haven't changed much, pricewise. I got data
on these a few years ago for someone's device in which they
wanted an adjustable interferometer. At the time it would've
cost about NZ$900+ to get started with just 1 motor. We did
not proceed further down that particular avenue

A bit of browsing today returns only "contact us for quotes for
OEM quantities". Some cameras, like the Canon EF I believe,
use piezo motors for focussing. Judging by the probably still
high price I don't think they are in low-end cameras yet. Then
it would be worth scavenging for one, as the drivers are fairly
cheap. Many common devices, like rfID, used to be very
expensive, and prices came down quite quickly once they had
the manufacturing and applications sorted out. Now you can
buy them at retail level. Seems that squiggle motors though
might not be so available any time soon


2012\10\22@180214 by John Gardner

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If the blurb is accurate, rather small ornithopters
seem feasible

2012\10\22@224505 by John Ferrell

I have seen an old movie about vehicles designed to operate in deep snow that used that sort of drive.
It was on top of a couple of long grain augers and appeared to be pretty agile.

On 10/22/2012 6:02 PM, John Gardner wrote:
> If the blurb is accurate, rather small ornithopters
> seem feasible.

-- John Ferrell W8CCW
“During times of universal deceit,
  Telling the TRUTH becomes a revolutionary act”
     George Orwell

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