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PICList Thread
'[EE]:: SpaceShipTwo debuts'
2008\01\23@204649 by Apptech

Following from various sources on ARocket list.

Good overview with pictures

More pictures - photo gallery.

Large scale blueprint of sorts.
Interesting motif and name on nose :-)



First look at SpaceShipTwo

Virgin Galactic unveils vehicle designs

Pratt & Whitney Canada Joins Virgin Galactic to Celebrate
Unveiling of
SpaceshipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo Models
Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW308 is the engine chosen to power

Clark Lindsey is also tracking the story at,
of course...

WK2/SS2 image

"The Year Of The Spaceship"

More SS2/WK2 unveiling coverage...

> latest headlines...


"Virgin Galactic unveil spaceship designs"

"Virgin Galactic unveils SpaceShipTwo; Plans open
architecture spaceship"

"Virgin unveils spaceship designs"

"SpaceShipTwo and WhiteKnightTwo Unveiled"

"Virgin's Branson unveils commercial spaceship model"

"Virgin Galactic Unveils Design For SpaceShipTwo"

"New Tourist Spacecraft Unveiled"

latest headlines...


That should keep y'all going for a while.

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