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'[EE]:: SpaceREf mobile now free'
2007\04\12@010157 by Russell McMahon

For those who just can't get enough space related stuff, now you can
get it to follow you around for free.

Finding a web enabled "protable device" may be a problem :-).


SpaceRef says:


                   SPACEREF MOBILE
                          (Version 2.0)

In 2003 we first introduced SpaceRef Mobile, a comprehensive premium
version of SpaceRef available for a small subscription fee. We are now
pleased to offer an updated version of SpaceRef Mobile for FREE.
You'll get our top stories, ISS news, commercial space news,
space exploration initiative news, moon and Mars news and through
our affiliate NASA Watch, you'll get the latest day-to-day news
about NASA. Our new service is updated every 15 minutes.

And for those companies wanting to reach our large industry audience,
advertising opportunities are available for SpaceRef Mobile. Contact
Marc Boucher at 1+ (703) 652-0973 (USA) or +1 (604) 628-2121 (Canada).

So on your Blackberry, Treo, PDA, or any web enabled protable device
go to:

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