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'[EE]:: SWER (Single Wire Earth Return) power syste'
2016\10\08@221321 by RussellMc

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This question on Single Wire Earth Return power systems was asked on Stack
It's a course assignment BUT has a real world aim of establishing the best
means of providing grid power to a remote Tanzanian village. (That may be a
real-world target or a paper one (I'll find out). Either way I'm interested
in any comments that may be of substantial value in such situations). I've
provided an answer whose greatest value is in the references to sites
provided by experts (NZ & other) who have substantial experience with SWER.
I suggest that anyone who is interested enough first have a glance at my
refernces before spending time on a reply as otherwise duplication 'may
well happen'. Any other input most welcome.

The question:

My 'answer':




I can't seem to understand or get a grips on how many customers that can
connect to the same SWER or Single Wire Earth Return pole.
I hope that many customers can connect to the same transformer.
The SWER 19kV line will connect about 200-300 customers in a rural area of
38km2. And is one of 3 technologies presented. The others being
High-voltage direct current and 3-phase.

So my question is, how many customers/households/consumers can be connected
to a pole in a SWER power grid?



This consulting project concerns a small village in Tanzania, with one
transmission line from a 19kV grid to a mountain village.  The rest is for
us to decide, and in great detail deliver. With a estimated consumption of
2500 kWh/month ±10% within 1 year.  see the picture much more clearly now.
A very good answer and especially helpful links and report.

I don't know the max current allowed, I will definitly find that out. The
project is located in Tanzania. The SWER line is going to be connected to
an 19kV grid. The present thinking is that there will be one 19kV line ,
with 400m spacing, where many consumers are is connected to the same
transformers 19kV->240V. So that less hardware is bought and implementation
cost drops.
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