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'[EE]:: Russell in Sydney - 6 hours on Jan 15th.'
2008\01\04@093756 by Apptech

Seems like EE :-)

I'll be in Hong Kong 3:20pm Jan 5th to 10:50am Jan 6th.

Qingdao China, Jan 6th to Friday Jan 11th (probably)

Qingdao to Beijing either direct or via a further away
section of the Great Wall, leaving Beijing to Sydney at 10
pm Jan 14th.

Until finally - Sydney January 15th 12:55pm until 6:50pm
departure - 6 hours all up.
I may try a quick jaunt into the city and back although, by
then I'll probably be very exhausted and may find sleeping a
more attractive option. BUT if anyone wants to suggest a
really useful way to spend a few hours in Sydney, or wants
me to buy them an airport coffee or whatever, please advise
and I'll see how it fits in. I have a  few Sydney relatives
but it's probably a bit too much to visit anyone in the
suburbs in the time available.

Best email address while I'm away is

I'm unlikely to access PICList while away.


2008\01\04@100105 by Vasile Surducan

face picon face
I wish you good luck. Human life worth less than an auckland penny in China.
Be carefull.
However I'm envying you...


On 1/4/08, Apptech <> wrote:
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> -

2008\01\04@103703 by Mike Harrison

On Fri, 4 Jan 2008 07:00:42 -0800, you wrote:

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Probably worth a quick trip to see the bridge, Opera house etc. which are all conveniently close -
take the  train to Circular Quay.

However check if you need a visa to leave the airport - I know from the UK you need an 'Electronic
Travel Authority' which can be done online, but does  cost some money.

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