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'[EE]:: Resistance wire'
2007\08\10@181904 by Russell McMahon

These 3 pages provide a superb summary of many of the major
characteristics of a wide range of resistance wires.
[Sense resistor and Igniter makers may find this useful].

Comparative names among manufacturers

Major characteristics
resistivity, tensile strength chemical composition, coeff lin exp, SG,
magnetic attraction, melting point

Nominal ohms per linear foot by type and wire gauge or diameter

Kanthar's "Cuprothal 294" is what was traditionally known as
It's solderability is good.

MWS's names give less clue to material but included the resistivity
(as ohms/cmf) in the name which is highly useful as this varies
extremely widely. Even Constantan alloys can vary by a factor of 10
depending on the Cu-Ni ratio.


2007\08\10@193100 by Gordon Williams

picon face
Unfortunately there is no tensile strength vs temperature data.  Something
that I have been looking for.

Gordon Williams

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