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'[EE]:: Perseid Meteors due any day'
2007\08\10@031755 by Russell McMahon

We're due for some early morning "fireworks".

The best known annual meteor shower "The Perseids"
is due to peak in  the next few days. Best viewing is in
the northern hemisphere but southern hemisphere
viewers can see meteors "coming up over the horizon".

Viewing details (locations , times) here

For NZ (the further north the better) best days will *probably* be

       About 6am - before sunrise
       Sunday August 12th and Monday August 13th
       a few days before and after that may produce results.
       People in the northern hemisphere are seeing them already.

Best sites will have no man made lights and a clear view of the
northern horizon (below and slightly to the left of the Pleiades
[Mataraki / Subaru / Seven sisters / Messier 45]).

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