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PICList Thread
'[EE]:: Interesting patents galore'
2007\01\05@100430 by Russell McMahon

Life destroying site
Stand clear.

You have been warned !!!

Blame New Scientist.

Each article chains to others with more patents

Taser gets tougher
razor light
wing-mirror cameras
body-wired headphones
rocket-repelling parachutes
tooth decay probe
laser healing
throwable game controllers
Microwave oven gun
Smart-card DVDs
Smart night scope
laser microphone
triple-standard DVD
ultimate body armour
Long-range stunner
jellyfish injections
Flesh-burn sensor
fire-escape tubes
VoIP mangling
in-flight rearming
sense that fat
Designer speakers
throw-away parachutes
password-protected bullets
spinning touchdown
palmtop Feng Shui
Origami gadgets
mile-high showers
Hydrogen fuel balls
human cannonballs
the riot slimer
the bomb jammer
Apple's all-seeing screen
the TV-advert enforcer
the wing-sprouting drone
the drink-driver arm scanner
laser spark plugs
remote-controlled implants
the "I've been shot" gun
the snore zapper
the guitar phone
explosive-eating fungus
viper vision
exploding ink
the moody media player
the spy-diver killer
preventing in-flight interference
the inkjet-printer pen
sonic watermarks
the McDownload
hot-air plane
landmine arrows
soldiers obeying odours
coffee beer
wall-beating bugging
eyeball electronics
phone jolts
personal crash alarm
talking tooth
shark shocker
midnight call-foiler
burning bullets
a music lover's dream
magic wand for gamers
the phantom car
phone-bomb hijacking
shocking airport scans
old tyres to printer ink and eye-tracking displays.

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