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'[EE]:: Glenbrook Steam Festival - not rocket scien'
2007\02\24@084627 by Russell McMahon

About 1400 photos taken in 3 hours. The camera is still glowing dull
red some weeks later [ :-) ].
These were taken in "something of a hurry" and not all are as good as
might be but there are many many nice and useful photos. Posted
largely as is as no time to sort this many at present but many
worthwhile enough as is (sez I anyway).

Not rocket science or electronics but liable to be of interest to some
or even many on ARocket and PICList.

Anyone interested in old machinery, steam power, traction engines,
vintage carousels, vintage and veteran cars, stationary engines,
Stirling engines, steam locomotives, shunting engines, Clydesdale
horses, tractors, vintage farm machinery, Morgans, Bugattis, Whites,
.... may find this of interest.

"Steam Festival" held recently on the site of a permanent vintage
railway at Glenbrook about 30 miles south of Auckland city.

Largest collection of vintage Traction Engines ever assembled in NZ.


Photos in own albums have thumbnail and 800 x 800 view plus you can
download the full 3000 x 2000 6MP original if desired.

General photos have thumbnail and 800 x 800 plus an approx 1024 x 800
main image. Full size images available on request.

DVD of all images available at nominal cost. Discuss if interested.

       Russell                    ruval @ paradise . net . nz


Morgan 3 wheeler, V-Twin Matchless powered
43 photos in own album.

1931 Bugatti Type 54 Grand Prix.
35 photos in own album.
The real Bugatti motor is at home - its sports a 3.4 Jaguar engine for
drive around use, but still looks exceeding real.

1901 White Steam Car.
71 photos in own album.
Lovingly restored from scrap.
Impressive to see it in operation.
Whole vehicle shots plus detailed closeups of many mechanical aspects.
Driver and passenger in period costume.

Model Stirling engines.
24 photos in own album.

Quo Vadis Traction Engine.
Immense, beautifully restored early 1900s TE, on loan from UK for 2
years. Only time in North Island to date.
Driving a 120 VAC 150amp alternator which powers ...

"3 abreast gallopers"
Restored 1898 Carousel, also visiting from UK.
Highly ornate and impressive.

No separate albums but 100++ photos (100s?) of these together and
separately with many details of TE.

Shunting engine at work - many photos

Mainline Steam locomotive and carriages (KA?) providing train rides.
Some nice shots of crew in period costumes.
Many photos.

Stationary engines, steam, oil and petrol and SE driven appliances.
Many many hundreds of photos - general and detailed.
I worked down the rows thereof taking a general shot then engine by
engine plus closer details where appropriate.

Vintage and Veteran cars. 1+ photos/car. Not too much time spent on
details. I like the dodge pickup.

3 Clydesdale horses in harness giving wagon rides.

More ...


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