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'[EE]:: GE announces new incandescent lightingtechn'
2007\03\01@043930 by Alan B. Pearce

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>The simplest technology I can think of to achieve this is the one
>used in incandescent UV lamps. A low power filament in Hydrogen
>atmosphere will excite a non-self-sustaining discharge in the
>hydrogen (powered by the potential difference in the filament),
>thus emitting UV. In a normal lamp this would illuminate a
>fluorescent instrument panel or lure insects into a charged grid. If
>the lamp would be coated with phosphors then it would emit visible light
>instead, likely with an efficiency approaching that of a discharge lamp.

But doesn't this emit longer wave UV (UV-A ?) which is less of a problem to
humans, and will not erase EPROMS.

I think that to energise a phosphor you need the higher energy short
wavelength UV (UV-B ?) such as that given off by mercury vapour. Hence the
need to use a fluorescent type when erasing EPROMS, and to keep the light
from that tube away from ones eyes.

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