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'[EE]:: Fuel Cell seminar - presentations archive -'
2007\05\21@231810 by Russell McMahon

Very non typically - these are many of the actual presentations for
the "2006 Fuel Cell Seminar"
Possibly mainly slideshows but still some very good material

It's unusual to get such a range of material from a conference on the
Around 100 presentations.



The following presentations from the 2006 Fuel Cell Seminar have been
approved for public viewing. If you cannot find a particular
presentation, it is because the author did not grant the Seminar
permission to post their slides on this Web site. Check back
periodically for additional listings.

2007\05\22@003730 by Roger, in Bangkok

A treasure trove Russell ... thanks!

Regards/Roger, in Bangkok

On 5/22/07, Russell McMahon <> wrote:
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