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'[EE]:: Energy efficiency of flourescents'
2008\04\26@122249 by Carl Denk

Recently had a fluorescent ballast go bad after 32 years, and upgraded
(3) 2 lamp 48" 40 watt fixtures to T-8 48" tubes with electronic
ballasts. Here's the data:

Cost per fixture from local electrical supply house, cash walk-in customer:
  (2) T-8 48" tubes @ 1.67            $3.33  (Almost double this at
Lowes & Home Depot)(and these are the green low mercury ones)
   (1) Ballast @ $13.54                 $13.54
   (4) Sockets @$2.46                    $9.84  (Optional, ours are old
an brittle)
   Total per fixture                           $26.71   (my labor 1/2 hour)

Energy per fixture:
Assume lamps on 12 hours per day and 365 days per year
Electric costs (last billing) $98.39/1020 KWH =  $0.0965/KWH

Old:  0.86 amps @120 volts = $43.60 annual costs
New:0.46 amps @120  volts = $23.32 annual costs

Annual cost savings = $20.28

Payback in  1.3 years, or lamps on 1/2 the assumed then 2.6 years.

At the moment I have an excess of the old fluorescent tubes, won't buy
any more, when the supply dwindles (a lot of ours are old and we have
been replacing regularly) or a ballast goes bad, the fixtures will be

I would call it a good thing to do.

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