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'[EE]:: 15 trillion dollar man.'
2012\05\08@084557 by RussellMc

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Not many individuals are attributed (rightly or no) with saving
society 15 Trillion dollars with their inventions .

One who is, is Jayant Baliga.
How many engineers have heard of him or know what his "great
development" was (amongst his 100 or so patents)?

The relevant development is "obvious enough" in retrospect -  an "It
Steam Engines come Steam Engine time" event. Apparently not so obvious
prior to its 'invention'. A lot of people were active in the field in
parallel with JB being among the leaders in developing practical
implementations of the theoretical devices.

Along the way termed a

 - ‘V-groove MOSFET device with the drain region replaced by a p-type
Anode Region’
  - insulated gate rectifier (IGR)
 -  insulated-gate transistor (IGT)
 -  conductivity-modulated field-effect transistor (COMFET)
 -  "bipolar-mode MOSFET".
Nowadays, usually, IGBT.


2012\05\09@032224 by Electron

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Mostly known as the father of the IGBT, but as you point out, he invented many other useful technologies:

At 14.45 2012.05.08, you wrote:
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