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PICList Thread
'[EE]:!! (S/N Ratio Down The Toilet)'
2002\09\18@124416 by Dale Botkin

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, David Duffy wrote:

> At 09:10 AM 18/09/02 +0200, you wrote:
> >
> This is a prime example of what not to post under the EE tag.

I have to agree.  It would be OT at best.


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2002\09\18@164424 by David Duffy

> > >
> >
> > <RANT ON>
>I'll see your <RANT> and raise you an <ENTHUSE>
>That was a marvellous post.
>It was related to electrical engineering rather more peripherally than
>some - it's more an energy related matter. I thought it was utterly
>marvellous to see this as it prompted some thoughts hidden away in the
>deeper reaches of my brain. Perhaps under OT it may have been better.

Much better under OT.

>In that it touches on fuel cells, energy sources, reaction energies etc it
>has some relationship to things electrical and not especially much to do
>with PICs. I'd be happy for such matters to be aired in OT but very very sad
>to see them excluded.
>Hmm - <ENTHUSE> doesn't seem to have a way of being turned off.

A cricket bat to the head (repeatedly) works well. <EG>

> > EE used to have mainly useful stuff in it but not anymore.
>I'm pleased to say that I feel that you have formed a mistaken impression
>I'm not trying to be argumentative (it comes without trying :-) ) but I
>suspect that the general noise in OT and the latest noise discussion may
>have given you a feeling that things are not quite as they really are.


>There are rules to restrain most of us most of the time (even me). Personal
>abuse, spam, Religion, Sex, Politics seem to be banned in any but most
>passing form AFAIR.

Actually, I thought *some* of your general scientific link posts should have
gone under OT rather the EE.

> > So many people have left this list over the years and I'm starting to feel
> > the same way!
>Some are indeed driven off but more are generally trying to get a life (for
>which one needs to cut off one's internet at ground level :-)  ) and this is
>often enough an excuse of sorts rather than the major reason as far as I can
>see. (This is not the first time I've thought about just this point.)

I'm active on MORE list these days. In fact, it has probably highlighted the
fact that there are other lists & news groups out there that are better suited
for some of the information that appears on this list.


Geeze, I didn't even need the suit. Hmmm... No violent objections to what I

><ENTHUSE> still stuck on, it seems.

I see what I can do about that! (going to shed to get cricket bat now)  :-)

David Duffy Audio Visual Devices P/L
U8, 9-11 Trade St, Cleveland 4163 Australia
Ph: +61 7 38210362 Fax: +61 7 38210281
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2002\09\18@195743 by Russell McMahon

> ><ENTHUSE> still stuck on, it seems.
> I see what I can do about that! (going to shed to get cricket bat now)

You'll have to try quite hard. There's a lot of scar tissue to get through
after all the years of other people trying to turn it off. Some have used
worse than cricket bats too :-)


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