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'[EE:] pcb house like pad2pad : now which boardhous'
2004\07\17@071444 by Wouter van Ooijen

face picon face
> The miniboard offer looks very interresting 2 sided without
> solder mask for
> $51 + $8 shipping looks better to me: 2 sided, solder mask and silk, $26 +
shipping for 16x10 cm (that's almost the same area as the 3-miniboards
offer), and you can popolate that area with any combination of PCBs you
provide. And olimex 'eats' Eagle .brd directly, or the standard
gerber/excellon files. No lock-in into proprietary software that ties
you to a single boardhouse. But be aware of their silk and drill
restrictions, and they are on holliday in august.

For larger series looks good, but while I was
preparing a complicated 10-PCB panel they changed the rules, now they
allow only 4 different PCBs on a panel, which in my case more than
doubles the price. I submitted a smaller panel.

Which boardhouse would you recommend for panels (let's say 10 different
PCBs on the panel, I deliver gerber/execellon for the full panel, the
boardhouse must de-panelise), something like 20 x 30 cm panel, x 100?

Wouter van Ooijen

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