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'[EE:] looking for HP 1630A logic analyzer manual'
2004\09\03@122815 by Jay Shroff
2004\09\03@155018 by Engineering Info
2004\09\04@104105 by Jay Shroff
2004\09\04@174248 by Charles Rogers
2004\09\04@220904 by Engineering Info
2004\09\05@122328 by hilip Stortz

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there was a company, <> that let people use about 100meg of
disk space free that they could send mail to, and then have that system
send a link to others via email to download large files.  i haven't used
them for about a year (they charged for larger space requirements, so
hopefully made enough money to survive).  there are probably similar
services, or of course if you can find anyone with some spare web server
file space that would work as well.  if you find a way to post it on the
net, i'd like it as well of course, and like most i have a 10 meg email
limit.  of course another problem with breaking it up is that the
receiver has to get each piece, and then notify you to send the next,
requiring a lot of coordination on your part.

Engineering Info wrote:
> I've now had three people request the 1630A/D/G manual that I have but I
> just can't seem to send a 21 meg file through e-mail.  I was given a
> suggestion on how to break up the file but would prefer to keep the file
> whole for whoever wishes to download it.  I don't know if James would
> like me putting a 21 meg file on the server or not my I'm limited to 10
> meg webpages.  Any suggestions??

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-- Martin Niemöller, 1892-1984 (German Lutheran Pastor), on the Nazi
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2004\09\05@131104 by M. Adam Davis

I have some space under which you can ftp it to if you
haven't found another solution yet.  Let me know and I'll set it up, you
can copy the file directly with explorer if you use windows, and it'll
be available to anyone with a regular browser.


Engineering Info wrote:

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2004\09\05@153840 by Engineering Info

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Thanks.  I also had Jay Shroff, T.C. Phelps, and Philip Stortz offer as
well.  Since Jay was the original requestor, I sent him the files.  He
will post a link for everyone else shortly.

M. Adam Davis wrote:

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>>>> {Original Message removed}

2004\09\06@053824 by Alan B. Pearce

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>Your in luck.  I just happen to have a PDF for the
>1630A/D/G.  Its 21 megs.  Can your mailbox handle it?

I would not mind a copy, but I think you would need to zip it first - I
believe our limit is around the 16MB mark.

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