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'[EE:] Visual C++ toolkit from microsoft'
2004\07\30@031841 by Luis Moreira

Hi Guys
has anyone used the free toolkit for Visual C++ from microsoft and if so how
do you rate it. Does it come with IDE ?

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2004\07\30@080656 by John J. McDonough

I haven't tried the free C++, I already have the paid one .. well, OK, a
couple versions back.  However, I did give the Visual C# kit a peek and it
is outstanding.  In fact, to give you a feel for the new stuff, there is a
recording of 3 webinars on VC#.  You might take a look at the first one (the
second two were a different presenter and not as good, but instructive
nonetheless).  There is actually a six part series on C++, but it focuses
more on the language features, and really doesn't focus on the IDE or the
free version.  The C# series is specifically on C# Express.

I suspect much of the really cool stuff in C# won't be in C++, but still I
expect it to be a whole different league than the other stuff out there.


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2004\07\30@093947 by Robert B.

I've been playing around with the free visual C toolkit all morning (since I
found out it was available!).  As with most free versions of commercial
compilers, there's no IDE or even a code editor included.  If you don't mind
doing things through the command line it seems to work great, it had 100%
success rate at compiling old projects created in the for-pay version of
VC++6, mostly c projects.  I'm personally a fan of the command line.  It
takes a bit longer to learn, but gets in the way a lot less in the long run.
Overall I rate it as an A, since it does what its supposed to do, and is
free.  The only annoying part is the officious installation routine typical
of windows products in general.

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2004\07\30@095403 by Luis Moreira

Thanks Robert/John
I will have to go and have a look at the tutorials, I did use some comand
line before but normally tend to use the IDE, probably not a very good
thing... I will also have a look at the examples.

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