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PICList Thread
'[EE:] Temperature Sensing'
2004\07\06@091847 by Russell McMahon

Temperature sensing, mainly but not only with thermistors.
1st tutorial is very worthwhile

Temperature sensing tutorial. Excellent. Honeywell.

Temperature sensing with thermistor. Microchip AN897. OKish

Temperature probe design. Worth a quick glance.

A temperature monitoring system with LCD display
AVR064. AVR mega-overkill

Tutorial on measuring temperature with thermistors

Natsemi IC for temperature measurement with diodes/thermistor / rtd.
Stupidly fails to explain the brilliant device independent delta current
diode method that it uses.

EPCOS (again) thermistor aspects discussion.
Very good

YSI thermistor products.
41 page PDF. Well worth a skim as technical comment interspersed with data.


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