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'[EE:] Superb paper on lead-free solder'
2004\08\25@081917 by Russell McMahon

Superb lead-free-solder discussion paper - 2003 - Surface Mount Technology.

With the introduction of lead-fee soldering and the phasing out of lead
based solder approaching apace (no matter how much some attempt to deny its
reality) the availability of factual information on alternatives is most

For reasons which will be clear once you've read this article, there are
liable to be a range of offerings on the market, and the difficulty of
finding a replacement for tin-lead solder that performs well in all
requisite areas is liable to make any one solder a compromise. Knowing what
compromises are implied by a given combination will be useful.

This is liable to play havoc with NASA's current micro-gravity Martian
soldering experiments. Expect spacecraft needing to be soldered in flight to
be a non-complying application :-).


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