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'[EE:] Improved ultrasound imaging provides detaile'
2004\07\03@033752 by Russell McMahon

"A  new type of ultrasound scan has produced vivid pictures of a 12 week-old
foetus "walking" in the womb.
The new images also show foetuses apparently yawning and rubbing its eyes.
The scans, pioneered by Professor Stuart Campbell at London's Create Health
Clinic, are much more detailed than conventional ultrasound."


The images have shown:

 a.. From 12 weeks, unborn babies can stretch, kick and leap around the
womb - well before the mother can feel movement

 b.. From 18 weeks, they can open their eyes although most doctors thought
eyelids were fused until 26 weeks

 c.. From 26 weeks, they appear to exhibit a whole range of typical baby
behaviour and moods, including scratching, smiling, crying, hiccuping, and
 Until recently it was thought that smiling did not start until six weeks
after birth.

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