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'[EE:] I killed my girlfriends laptop battery!?'
2001\11\17@083316 by Morgan Olsson

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I think it is only playing dead

Maybe some brilliant person here have a clue, I have exhausted my clues on this...

I have tried to change cells in old battery packs for the laptop Compaq Armada 7730MT.
Theese packs have built in electronics, a ridicoulous amount of SMT components including lots of IC.  I know they are for protecting the pack from being under and overcharged, but still seem more than plenty.

Anyway, after changing the cells, the pack still plays dead; do not take charge, and do not deliver after manually directly charging the cells either.

This is strange!
Are theese battery packs designed to play dead after cells are replaced?
(So Compac can sell new expensive packs)  Or is it just a design flaw?

Anyway, any ideas to get them working?

Seems like all electronics is shut down; I can nowhere among the chips find any supply voltage.  Maybe it needs to have a small voltage from the cell at any time to keep powering itself.  How to start it then?

I tried to short the battery plus to plus connector pole (minus is common) and then the pushbutton activated built in LED battery charge meter is working, but when placed in the laptop, the laptop starts up, beeps some times and then shuts off...

The connector to the laptop have two large pins, plus and minus, and then four small pins terminated with 10 ohms resistor, apparently some signal or communication, maybe serial.  Maybe it needs to be talked to first time after power up, and get it loaded with battery parameters etc?

I really got no idea about how to continue now.

This have happened two times now both a Compaq Armada 7730MT:

First time a friends Compaq gave up, letting the smoke out of the power supply and a cap on the main board, replacing them made it live up, but the battery pack still dead.  It had been dead for a while so some cells have shorted so I replaced them but the pack was still dead, so I reckonned the cirqiut board somehow got damaged by the power supply, or it broke taking the supply with it.

Today, I replaced the cells in my girlfriends laptop battery pack, and now that pack is dead too...


Morgan Olsson, tel +46(0)414-446620, fax -672324
Morgans Reglerteknik AB, Hällekås, 277 35 KIVIK, SWEDEN

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