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'[EE:] Excellent battery information'
2004\08\06@051940 by Russell McMahon

There is an awesome amount of useful battery data on this site.
Superb site for anyone wanting to compare performance differences of various
battery chemistries.

This is Eveready's site so you can guess which brand batteries they are
dealing with.
HOWEVER this is an excellent battery resource site as they give not only
outline specs but a pdf data sheet for every battery they make (as far as I
have seen so far) which includes graphs for

- Temperature dependence of impedance with discharge,

- Constant resistance performance hours versus ohms to 0.8, 1.0 and 1.2

- Constant current performance hours versus mA to above 3 cutoff voltages

- Typical discharge curves in 4 usage scenarios (toy, lighting, stereo,

LINKS MAY WRAP (even though I used <>)

Example data sheet for Energiser alkaline consumer C cell

Consumer Energiser page

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