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'[EE:] Digi-key vs everyone else'
2004\04\16@175458 by Robert Rolf

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Larry Bradley wrote:
> I too am in Canada.
> Digikey is set up to handle Canadian orders - I've ordered a couple of
> things from them with no problem.

And their site gives you Canadian dollar pricing if you
start at
or choose the appropriate currency option on the home page.

{Quote hidden}

Which is why the University purchasing department puts
"DO NOT SHIP UPS!" at the bottom of every US purchase order.
They have been burned too many times by UPS's
outrageous customs charges (and generally poor service).

> At 11:46 AM 4/16/2004 -0600, you wrote:
> >>When they say it ships the same day, they mean it.
> >
> >That's for sure.  If I put the order in in the early evening, I get it the
> >next morning.  It's almost: order, nap, open the box.

I have even ordered parts more than an hour after their official cutoff time
(8PM CST), and still had them arrive the next day. THAT's service.

> >I've had a couple of errors with them, which I guess is bound to happen if
> >you're a big operation moving at that kind of break-neck speed.  Once,
> >instead of key switches I got key caps; recently instead of a mini DIN jack
> >I got a 7x8 inch project box.  In both cases I emailed them and I got the
> >correct part the next morning.
> >
> >I'm in Canada so shipping can be a problem with some suppliers.  I've come
> >to think of ordering from Jameco, for example, as a nightmare wrapped in a
> >bad dream.

As is Newark in One (nightmare).

They were the only supplier with stock on a bunch of Maxim power
converters I needed 'yesterday'. I paid the overnight shipping premium,
and put 'Urgent' in the comments field.
When the parts didn't arrive in a day or two I tried to trace the
order. Couldn't get a human on the telephone. Resorted to email.
5 DAYS later, (after I'd ordered from another supplier who
didn't have a web storefront), they replied to my email
saying that their policy is to wait 7 days before shipping
credit card orders to 'new' customers. Which part of "URGENT"
did they not understand? My complaint to the CSR manager went
unanswered, so with another colleague having a similar BAD
experience with NEWARK, I now make a point to warn any potential
Newark customer to STAY AWAY. And of course I will NEVER order
from them again. Burn me once shame on you. Burn me twice...
You have been warned.

Who now shops exclusively at Digikey rather than the local electronic
distributors because Digikey usually has stock and delivers overnight,
and the local shops are always '3-5 days out of Vancouver
or Toronto' or whereever. No wonder Digikey's printed catalog is now
the size of a telephone book.

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