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'[EE:] Card edge connectors'
2004\01\26@042331 by Jonathan Johnson

Hi everyone,
(every time I read that I think of doctor Nick Riviera from the
Simpson's....very disconcerting :-)

I've been looking for some card edge connectors for a while now but cant
seem to find just what I need.

Basically I need several versions one with a minimum of 21 connectors
(prefer 25)

and one with a minimum of 50 connectors (prefer 50)

I need each connection to carry up to 1 - 1.5 amps. (prefer more)

I need them to be reasonably sturdy. (I will be providing mounting brackets
for the boards to be inserted by other means)

I need them to be as cheap as possible

*I don't need a high number of insertion cycles.

*I don't want pin and socket connectors

I was thinking about something from samtec ( but couldn't
find anything that really fit my bill on the website (if I have missed it
please feel free to rub my nose in it :-)

A second thought was using standard PCI or ISA sockets but thought again
when I saw the price ( I'm going to be using 16 or so per board !)

Any thoughts or suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated, I starting to go
blind looking through google searches ;-)



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2004\01\26@045315 by Jonathan Johnson

I have looked at using these following ones in particular from samtec but ,
alas, too few connectors and I also thought they were a bit fragile? For a
little while there I had considered using multiple of these.


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