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'[EE:] Anyone know anything about galvanometers?'
2012\05\22@090547 by rchadwic

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Content-Type: text/html; charset 2012\05\22@211324 by graham foulkes
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The galvanometer shown in the photos looks like a classic D'arsonville
mirror galvanometer, sometimes called a spot galvanometer as a light beam
takes the place of a needle pointer.. It looks like it could be a torsion
suspension type with the coil and  mirror suspended on a quartz thread if
there are no signs of pivots or point bearings. Not easy to tell from the
photos but I suspect there are parts missing. The cover is to prevent the
delicate suspension from being affected by air currents. A light source
placed external to the galvanometer is essential to the operation of the
instrument as is an external scale placed at a distance from the mirror.
The sensitivity is multiplied by the arc / distance. These were capable of
recording micro amp currents flowing in circuits. The sensing coils were
usually of several thousand ohms resistance, very fine wire!

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