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'[BUY] anti-static bags'
2007\02\08@123107 by Aaron

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I need some anti-static bags.

I know where I can buy new ones, but does anybody have an over-abundance
of used ones they wish to part with?   While I would most often use
sizes in 4x6 inch range, I'm not picky and can use smaller or larger ones.

Please respond offlist and include shipping to zip code 45304, USA in
your price.

I would prefer to pay via paypal.


2007\02\08@143123 by PicDude

4x6?  You scared of getting zapped by a sandwich? :-)

If you're not in a hurry, I almost always see a lot of these from vendors at
automotive shows/meets.  Some have even stated that they are anti-static.  
The good part is that the price is always about 1/4 of what I pay for them at
other sources (U-line, Browncor, etc).

And I'm responding on-list since others may find it useful.


On Thursday 08 February 2007 11:30, Aaron wrote:
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2007\02\08@231833 by William Chops Westfield

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On Feb 8, 2007, at 9:30 AM, Aaron wrote:

> I need some anti-static bags.
Electronics goldmine has 6x8 bags for $0.06 each...


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