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'[BUY]: hobbyist circuit /consultant wanted'
2002\10\19@204000 by Christopher Bergeron

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Hey guys, I'm looking for a consultant and ultimately a circuit.  I know
a small amount about electronics; however PICs appear to be over my
head.  I'm a software developer (on Linux).  Anyway, I'm looking for a
circuit that can create the timing indicated on the attached gif.

Time t could be any value from a few seconds to a several hours.  Once
major concern that I have is how much current the circuit will draw
(from a car battery) while it's "idle".

Preferrably, I'd like a completed circuit and code that I can use.  The
3 output pins will drive relays that can handle about 10A.

I'm willing to purchase a PIC programmer and learn how to do this
myself, but I'd prefer a complete/working solution.

If anyone is interested in making some easy money (I doubt this circuit
is too complex), please contact me with an estimate.

One thing to note is that I've already figured out the B output so it's
not absolutely necessary; however, if it can be done trivially with a
PIC I would appreciate it.

Yet another concern of mine is the PIC language.  I'll accept any code;
but my preference is for C code (that I can possibly expand upon).

Please email me to discuss (off list or on-list if that's more appropriate).

Much thanks in advance...

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2002\10\20@141526 by info

Hi!, Im a Microchip consultant program member (check it at micrchips web
site) and would like to do this job for you if you like. I'll charge you
U$S 400. If the price is all right with you, I would like to discuss
what exactly do you want and everything else needed to finish the job.

Mauricio Jancic
Janso Desarrollos
(54) 11 - 4544 - 5613
(54) 11 - 4542 - 3519
Republica Argentina

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