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'[BUY]: CP1600-2'
2001\06\03@163434 by Vladimir Pavkovic

   I need 2-3 old timer CPU CP1600-2 from Microchip(??General
In Europe ??? (Used in Intelivision game computer)
                                       Pavkovic Vladimir

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2001\06\04@084323 by Tom Mariner

Wow, a blast from the past! I was the guy that did the factory code on that
chip for the Intellivision. Could you tell me what you are going to use it

You know that it was an IC copy of the DEC PDP-11 with a few addressing
modes left out and the 16 bit ALU simulated by folding the registers and
doing two operations. I presume that you also know that it was the chip to
which the PIC was the "Peripheral Controller".

My guess at a source would be an old Intellivision or two, but I presume
that you already knew that.

Tom Mariner

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