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'[BUY:] Math Book'
2004\03\02@075245 by Dennis Crawley

Hi James and list,

I'm looking for an old Maths book written by CARL E. SMITH. I know that
"smith" is like "Gonzalez" for Latin-Americans. This man, in "Applied
Mathematics for Radio and communication Engineers" does an excellent job
teaching from basic arithmetic to Series and Waveforms, with a lot of useful

Since this is a very old book (first edition 1935 last 1945 AFAIK), I wonder
if you can trace it among your engineers' friends.

I'm not desperate, a friend of mine lent me one,... but you know a book is
like a woman :) >>>JOKES CAN BE DONE HERE<<<

Well feel free to help me in this one, whichever link to this book will be
very appreciated.

This guy wrote the preface of the last edition at The Pentagon, Washington
DC on July 1945,.... I think a lot of CIA agents should have studied with
this book :) if someone is listening to the list,... well hi!

Thank you a lot.
Dennis Crawley

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2004\03\02@081322 by Dave L

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2004\03\02@101652 by Dan Oelke

I love for finding out of print books. Try looking it up at:
That title shows me 29 hits, (a few are probably duplicates) priced from
$6 to $80
There appears to be not only a 1945 first edition (with at least 6
printings) but a 1961 edition.

Happy reading!

Dennis Crawley wrote:

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2004\03\02@134144 by James Newton, Host

face picon face for example.
None in Argentina but there is one in California if you want me to send it
to you.

Is there no ISBN number on that book?


{Original Message removed}

2004\03\02@134808 by Mauricio Jancic

       I just asked for you to the people at Libreria Santa Fe
( to see if they can get that book for you here in Argentina.
As soon as I know, I'll let you know.

Best Regards

Mauricio D. Jancic
Janso Desarrollos - Microchip Consultant
(54) - 11 - 4542 - 3519
Lugones 3238 "B" - C1430ECN
Capital Federal
Republica Argentina
(54) - 11 - 4542 - 3519
{Original Message removed}

2004\03\03@062248 by Dennis Crawley

Dan and Dave thanks for the links. I don't know if the different prices are
due to the book conditions or because of the value the owner give to it :)

James your offer is excellent. Since you already know how it works the
traffic to Argentina it's a good idea... You have to calculate the postage
and send me the whole figure by private.

I will wait Mauricio's offer. Actually I have to go today very near
to that bookstore.

Thank you very much. Impressive!

Cheers Regards,
Dennis Crawley

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