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PICList Thread
'[Admin] PICList Digest replacement copies'
2000\03\29@235045 by Mark Willis

Hi, all.  Starting last night, with PICList Digest for 27 Mar 2000 to 28
Mar 2000 (#2000-89), I subscribed to the list off a spare e-mail
forwarding address I own, in Digest form.

Partially did this so that, in future, if necessary, I can forward
Digests to anyone missing one.  Mostly did it to solve e-mail header

Please Please Please, though, ask for them by the *Index number* (i.e.
#2000-89 for the first one!), not the date range, as differences in
world time will confuse us all otherwise <G>  Telling me which Digests
you have is good enough (as the subject lines have the index numbers I
want to know <G>)

This old Win4WG 3.11 machine just doesn't seem to want to edit the
digests, due to their size, or I'd try to just Send them to those asking
- Sorry it'll be Forwarded, but a readable Forwarded copy beats no
digest at all.


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