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'[Admin] Marking an "OT" post properly when a threa'
2000\03\31@023422 by Mark Willis

Hey, all.  Please - when you stick [OT] onto a post that hasn't been
marked [OT] previously - put the [OT] marking at the *END* of the
Subject line, not the beginning - it makes people like myself who sort
posts by subject line, a *lot* happier, as then I don't have to scroll
up and down about a half-jillion times to read posts in sequential or
semi-sequential order...  If everything sorts in some reasonable sort of
order, it makes it lost easier to track each thread!

If you change the subject line completely due to the thread wandering,
or if you start a new thread, putting the [OT] at the front of the
subject line is fine; if changing an existing subject, it messes me up
somewhat (And the LAST thing I want or need in my life's more mess!

And, o'course, please JUST use [OT], not (OT), <OT>, {OT}, or any other
creative permutation you can come up with - I know you're creative,
please just show that creativity in other ways =)


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