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PICList Thread
'[Admin] For anyone moving from one ISP to another.'
1999\12\21@013637 by Mark Willis

If you're moving and you know it in advance, here's the command to use
to "transfer" your PICList subscription when ready, use this method;
>From your old account;  Send the command

Change PICList spam_OUTnew_usernameTakeThisOuTspamnew_isp.tld

to the good ol' PICList List Server Command Port Address,
<.....LISTSERVKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU>, that'll transfer you <G>

(Pushed this to someone needing it, decided, why not post it list-wide,
just in case it helps someone else.  James, feel free to toss that in
the FAQ <G>)

If it's too late (which happens!), just ask me & I'll issue it
"virtually" from your old account;  the one advantage of doing this is
that your account options don't get forgotten.

It's not in the manuals I have, but Info RefCard issued to the listserv
commands address gets you enough info to "Fake" this <G>


I re-ship for small US & overseas businesses, world-wide.
(For private individuals at cost; ask.)

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