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'[AVR] Quick C question'
2007\03\06@185139 by Chris McSweeny

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Checking the include file PB1 is shorthand for PORTB1 - ie pin 1 on the port
- and is defined as the number 1. Therefore (1<<PB1) translates as 1 left
shifted 1 place (ie 2), which creates a bit mask for pin 1. IMO it should
really be written (1<<PINB1), since that's what it's creating the mask for.
Effectively that statement is testing pin 1 on port B.

On 3/6/07, Mauricio Jancic <> wrote:
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2007\03\06@192732 by Chris McSweeny

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Look in the include file for the definitions of constants like this.

On 3/7/07, Mauricio Jancic <> wrote:
> Yes, I knew it was a bit shift, but I didn't understand de PB1 and why was
> shifting PB1 1 time to the left (here you can see my mistake)...
> The thing is PB1 is a constant indicating pin number, and it was shifting
> the 1 PB1 times to the left and then ANDing it to PINB.
> Just a missreading
> Mauricio
> > {Original Message removed}

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