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'[AVR] Production Programmer for ATTINY13'
2008\02\28@020721 by Forrest W Christian

I'm looking for a production-quality programmer which will work with an
ATtiny13.   I will be using the ATtiny13 in a product where I'll need to
program something like 50 per month.

On the PIC side I'm now using EmbedInc (Olin's) PROPROG programmer, and
would like to find something similar for the AVR's.   What I
particularly like about the PROPROG is the ability to set it up such
that I can insert a chip in a ZIF socket, push a button, and then have
the programmer automatically program the device, including all of the
fuses - and then provide a indicator as to whether the device passed or
failed verify.

I have found a couple which look interesting, but either don't seem to
support High Voltage programming, which is needed in my case (I need to
be able to turn off reset and would prefer to disable low voltage
programming), or require manual work on the PC each time.

I wouldn't be opposed to a universal programmer which would do AVR
ATTiny processors and others (such as PIC) as well.



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