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'[AVR] New AVRs'
2004\10\14@000142 by Russell McMahon


New Members to the AVR® Low Power Family

Atmel just introduced five new devices of the AVR Low Power Family. The
ATmega165, ATmega325 and ATmega645 are housed in 64-pin TQFP or 64-lead MLF
package, with 16, 32 and 64 KB of self-programmable Flash memory. The
ATmega3250 and ATmega6450 are 32 and 64KB function compatible alternatives
in a 100-pin package.

The five new megaAVR® devices are ideal for applications requiring a large
number of I/Os and the flexibility of moving up or down in memory densities.
All parts are equipped with an IEEE 1149.1 JTAG interface that enables
on-chip debug, programming and boundary scan capabilities. In-circuit
emulation and programming of the new family is supported by the JTAGICE
mk-II development tool, ordering code JTAGICE2 at a retail price of $299.
The ATSTK500 starter kit and the ATSTK502 expansion module support the
64-pin devices: ATmega165, ATmega325 and ATmega645. The 100-pin devices,
ATmega3250 and ATmega6450, use the ATSTK500 and 504 combination. The
ATSTK502 and 504 have a retail price of $99 each.

ATmega165 is now available for production. ATmega325/3250 will be available
later in Q404, while

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2004\10\14@003037 by John Samperi

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At 05:01 PM 14/10/04 +1300, you wrote:
>ATmega165 is now available for production. ATmega325/3250 will be available
>later in Q404, while

Heard that joke before!   :-))


John Samperi

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